We envision our role as your partner rather than an external "expert" entity. By listening carefully to what you tell us, we can work with you to identify the real problems, and then propose and help implement the appropriate solutions that will best fit your needs.

The following is a recent example of our business practice:

A major cruise-line company, with several billion dollars in annual revenue, hired Z K M Consulting Services to assist in devising an effective strategy to reduce engine emissions for cruise ships in operation and under construction. First, we conducted ship inspections and consulted extensively with the company's management and shipboard officers to analyze engine operating practices and configurations. By evaluating existing and emerging pollution control technologies as related to marine application, fuel qualities, and regulatory developments, we recommended specific actions to reduce engine emissions to meet the client's requirements. Our recommendation became a part of the company's strategic plan with a projected savings in the hundred million dollar range.




We do not subscribe to "pricing-war" practices and do not engage in a "cheapest-fee" business. Have you ever accepted a "low bid" only to realize later that the change-orders and tasks needing to be redone escalated the project cost well beyond your targeted budget? Our fee structure mirrors the simple principle: Clients are satisfied when they get quality work that solves their problem and is delivered on deadline.

Do you face any of these common scenarios?

  • You may have some of the in-house expertise but might be limited by time or other constraints in solving a specific problem.
  • You might only need an independent evaluation of the problem from a fresh, new angle to arrive at an innovative, cost-saving solution.
  • Your business conditions might militate against hiring a permanent staff member with the necessary qualifications.
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